April 3, 2017

Water Management Certification Program

California Landscape Contractors Association’s Water Management Certification Program was established in 2007 and helps the green industry reduce landscape water usage by certifying individuals through performance-based water budgeting. This unique program carries the WaterSense Label from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is also approved for continuing education units by NALP(formerly PLANET), Irrigation Association, the International Association of Arboriculture.

The Three Parts of Certification

1. Attendance at the Workshop and Completion of the Irrigation Audit Introduction
2. Pass the Written Test with 70% or Better Immediately Following the Workshop
3. Successful Water Management of At Least One Landscape Site to a Budget for 12 Months (this can be achieved retroactively)

Water Management
Certification Workshops:

Chino Basin Water Conservation District
MAY TBD 2017

May TBD 2017

MWELO Certificate Workshops:

More Information

Montclair, CA
April 13, 2017

Sacramento, CA
April 27, 2017

Livermore, CA
May 9, 2017

Don't see an upcoming date in your area? You can now send an email request to requestwmcp@clca.org and give us your name, contact information and the area you are requesting and we will notify you when something is in or close to your area.



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