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  • Tim Hendricks, CLT
    From the networking opportunities in this organization, I’ve gained the collective working knowledge of hundreds of like-minded professionals. I stay up to date on the latest market trends and new products. And, most importantly, I’ve developed friendships that will last a lifetime.
    Tim Hendricks, CLT
  • Flavio Velez, President
    CLCA’s Water Management Certification Program is very thorough. A good track record with water management produces quantified results, which you can show to clients as proof of their benefits in doing business with you. Water savings is a trend that will impact landscape businesses more and more as time goes on.
    Flavio Velez, President
    LandGraphics, San Diego
  • Chuck Carr
    It's the information I need, available when I need it. What could be better?
    Chuck Carr
    Gothic Landscaping, Inc.
  • Steve Jacobs
    We have a competitor who I have known for years. We do maintenance and construction and he just does construction. Once in a while he’ll get a call for maintenance. He referred us the other day and we ended up picking up an account worth about $1,000 a month. And this was from a referral from a competitor! We don’t all do the same things. It’s been a real plus being a member of CLCA.
    Steve Jacobs
    Nature Designs Landscaping
  • Jeffrey Sheehan
    Like many other landscape contractors, I started out without a license and wasn't even aware that one was required. It took prompting and assistance from a local nurseryman to move me toward becoming a legitimate, licensed contractor. I'm now into the twenty-fifth year of my contractor career, and I can truthfully say that the knowledge required to attain that license hanging on my wall has played a big role in my success. I know licensure can do the same for others.
    Jeffrey Sheehan
    Confidence Landscaping Inc.
  • Taylor Boyle
    We have been using the Flyers Fuel program and it has worked really well for us. It allows us to track fuel by driver and saves us some money! It’s been a great program for our company.
    Taylor Boyle
    Purlieu Landscapes
  • Pedro Navarro, San Diego
    Getting a license helped me win bigger jobs and grow as a company, as well as enjoy all the benefits of CLCA membership.
    Pedro Navarro, San Diego
    Blue Skies Landscape Maintenance
  • David Ross
    The Porter Law Group has been extremely helpful with advice and counsel on a variety of typical concerns for our 30-year-old landscaping business. Our experience with them has been that they are helpful, informed, compassionate, and forthcoming. We highly recommend their services.
    David Ross
    Natural Bridges Landscaping
  • Dee Wong
    CLCA’s Water Management Certification Program is a really good tool to help you better manage the landscape overall. It gives you points of reference and statistics to improve water calculations and lower the client’s bills. Plus, it gives you facts to back you up when you tell the client that it’s time to repair or upgrade the irrigation system.
    Dee Wong
    Maintenance Account Manager, The Village Gardener
  • Olga See, O.
    CLCA Insurance Solutions™ has always responded in a very timely, friendly and professional manner to any of my requests for insurance, AND saved me over $300.
    Olga See, O.
  • Javier Lesaca
    We were making some staff changes, and I wanted to be sure I was doing them properly and legally. I contacted CLCA’s HR hotline and they walked me through the process. This CLCA benefit was a great help and ensured that things were handled the right way.
    Javier Lesaca
    Lesaca Landscape Company, Inc.

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