Allegiance Award Winners

Jerrie Beard Wins 2019 Allegiance Award, CLCA’s Top Honor

2019 Allegiance Award winner Jerrie Beard

In recognition of her years of service and leadership, the California Landscape Contractors Association has presented Jerrie Beard with its Allegiance Award, the association’s most prestigious honor.

The award, which is given only to a green industry professional who has been a member of the association for a minimum of 15 years and who has had a significant effect on the industry, was presented during the association’s annual Leadership Conference in Sacramento January 28, 2020.

“Jerrie exemplifies an unwavering dedication to serving CLCA with her talents and long years of service without fanfare or need for praise,” CLCA President Regan Barry said while presenting the award.

Jerrie has chaired CLCA’s Internet, Public Relations and Communications committees and served on the state Board of Directors. She also has served as editor for several CLCA chapter newsletters.

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