Bill Schnetz Offers CLCA Members A New Business Peer Group Mentoring Program

Leadership in action

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About The Program

CLCA has partnered with Bill Schnetz to offer members access to a new business peer group mentoring program, Hard Knocks: Evolution and Essentials.

Schnetz, a past president of CLCA and a popular business trainer and mentor, offers a members a safe atmosphere and a dose of reality to explore the business side of landscaping ABC’s.

It’s rooted in real-life lessons, polished by failure, success and coaching, and gives participants an opportunity to review how their company operates and how to improve the outcome.

Do you have leadership questions?

Business Coach Extraordinaire Bill Schnetz has leadership answers that he shares during a special CLCA Member Benefit webinar. Click to view the webinar.

About Bill Schnetz

Bill has been a passionate and successful member of the landscaping industry for 45 years.

For the last 37 years, he has been the business owner of Schnetz Landscape Inc, a design-build firm in San Diego CA.

He has been actively involved with CLCA since 1994, and in 2010 served as CLCA State President.

From 2006-2011, Bill successfully ran the business mentoring workshop, Red to Black to Green.

Bill loves sharing his passion and business smarts with California landscape contractors.

On-Line Open House

Want to learn more about the program? Watch this free, no-obligation on-line open house, which has held December 18.