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Benefits of hiring a Landscape Industry Certified Technician

Landscape Industry Certified Technicians have demonstrated their dedication to excellence, and have “taken the extra step” to set themselves apart from others in their industry. Landscape Industry

Benefits of hiring a Certified Water Manager

Whether your interest in saving water is driven by environmental awareness or a desire to save money, CLCA Certified Water Managers can provide the water management solutions you need.

  • Dee Wong
    CLCA’s Water Management Certification Program is a really good tool to help you better manage the landscape overall. It gives you points of reference and statistics to improve water calculations and lower the client’s bills. Plus, it gives you facts to back you up when you tell the client that it’s time to repair or upgrade the irrigation system.
    Dee Wong
    Maintenance Account Manager, The Village Gardener
  • Flavio Velez, President
    CLCA’s Water Management Certification Program is very thorough. A good track record with water management produces quantified results, which you can show to clients as proof of their benefits in doing business with you. Water savings is a trend that will impact landscape businesses more and more as time goes on.
    Flavio Velez, President
    LandGraphics, San Diego