CLCA Offers Webinar To Fulfill 2019 Harassment Prevention Training Requirement

CLCA Member Benefit Webinar: Harassment Prevention for Supervisors

Tuesday, April 2 • 2-4 p.m.

Do you have five or more employees? A new law mandates that you must provide harassment prevention training in 2019: One hour for employees and two hours for supervisors and managers.

In our two-hour April 2 CLCA Member Advantage webinar, supervisors will learn how to recognize problems and about their responsibility in the prevention of sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation and abusive conduct. Registered attendees will receive a certificate of attendance upon successful completion of the webinar.


Topics include:

  • Reporting, investigating and resolving complaints
  • Parameters of confidentiality
  • Practical tips on how to stay out of trouble and keep your workplace harassment-free



No charge for CLCA members. $150 for non-members.


The fine print

The new law mandates that harassment prevention training be interactive. As such, this webinar is only offered live, and will not be recorded.


Multiple attendees?

Want to gather all your supervisors and managers in the conference room to view the webinar? No problem. First, designate one attendee for each room as the “Room Monitor.” Prior to the webinar, each attendee (including the room monitor) must individually register.

At the time of the webinar, gather together in the conference room and have the Room Monitor log into the webinar. Everyone must pay attention to the webinar and actively participate. Everyone must be in attendance for the entire two hours.

Prior to the webinar, CLCA will email an Excel file to each Room Monitor. After the webinar, enter the names of all attendees in the Excel file, and email the file to before Friday, April 5.

Certificates of attendance will be issued to everyone listed in the Excel file who paid attention.

IMPORTANT: Deadline to return Excel file: Friday, April 5.


What about employee training?

Plan now to join us on May 7 for a one-hour webinar on Harassment Prevention Training for Employees. Registration >>


About the law

As reported by our friends at The Grady Firm, P.C., Governor Jerry Brown signed  S.B. 1343 on September 30, 2018. It requires that employers with five or more employees in California provide one hour of sexual harassment and abusive conduct training to non-managerial employees, and two hours for managerial employees once every two years. Managerial employees must receive training within six months of hire or promotion. MORE >>


Updated 5 March 2019