President Regan Barry, Board of Directors Assume Office

Regan Barry of Coastal Evergreen Co., Inc. sworn in as 2020 President of the California Landscape Contractors Association

Joining Barry on the association’s 2020 Board of Directors will be:

  • President-Elect Paul Hansen, Southwest Landscape, Inc.
  • Immediate Past President Elizabeth Burns, Zone 24 Landscaping, Inc.
  • Secretary-Treasurer Andrew Simpson, Quillen Landscaping
  • Director of Education Lindsay Ono, Bakersfield College
  • Director of Events Dan Dvorak, CLCA Insurance Solutions
  • Director of Legislation Megan Rios, Rios Design Studio, LLC
  • Director of Membership Eric Santos, BrightView Landscape Maintenance (joined board in 2020)
  • Associate Member Director Chris McNairy, Hunter Industries/FX Luminaire
  • Chapter Presidents Council Co-Director Evan Moffitt, SiteOne Landscape Supply (joined board in 2020)
  • Chapter Presidents Council Co-Director Eric Watanabe, Signature Pools & Landscapes
  • CLCA Executive Director Sandra Giarde, CAE

Barry and the board were sworn into office during the association’s annual Leadership Conference, which was held in Sacramento January 28-29.

Barry is the president and co-founder (with his wife Lori) of Coastal Evergreen Company, an award-winning landscape and maintenance contracting firm with over 30 years of experience in the Santa Cruz and South Bay areas.

He joined CLCA in in 2001, and served on the Central Coast chapter’s Board of Directors before starting a four-year stint as as chapter president (2012-2013) and co-president (2014-2015, with Andrew Tuckman). He next served as co-chair of the state Chapter Presidents Council. In 2017, he was recognized as CLCA’s Regular Member of the Year. He served a fifth term as chapter president in 2018, and was elected CLCA state President-Elect in 2019.

After he was sworn in as president, Barry promised Leadership Conference attendees a collaborative approach. “I intend to engage with all of you,” he said. “I intend for us to have a great, great year, and really celebrate the greatness of this association.”

The California Landscape Contractors Association is a non-profit trade organization of licensed landscape contractors and others related to the landscape industry. The association’s core goal is to support CLCA members as they create beautiful, enduring landscapes that improve the quality of life. Although formally incorporated in 1952, CLCA has been meeting as an association since 1937.

CLCA 2020 President Regan Barry in action at 2020 Leadership Conference

CLCA 2020 board of directors

CLCA’s 2020 Board of Directors

Pictured, back: Andrew Simpson, Secretary-Treasurer; Eric Santos, Director of Membership; Paul Hansen, President-Elect; Regan Barry, President; Chris McNairy, Associate Member Director; Evan Moffitt, Chapter Presidents Council Co-Director; and Eric Watanabe, Chapter Presidents Council Co-Director

Front: Dan Dvorak, Director of Events; Elizabeth Burns, Immediate Past President; and Megan Rios, Director of Legislation

Not pictured: Lindsay Ono, Director of Education; and Executive Director Sandra Giarde, CAE.